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About Us

🌟 About DustCollectorz 🌟

Welcome to the enchanting realm of DustCollectorz—a passion project born from a desire to immerse the world in a captivating universe of collectibles. Be it toys, cards, or games; we champion the belief that joy knows no age or boundaries.


Our treasures are not just products—they're experiences. Crafted meticulously, every item promises to unfurl a tale of wonder, inviting everyone into the vibrant world of Seraphia.


🎴 DustCollectorz: Champions Unleashed 🎴

Venture into our upcoming trading card sensation! Crafted in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia by the visionary Ivan Pemić, this game promises high-octane battles fit for 2-4 players. Dive deep into electrifying 15-30 minute combats, commanding the formidable DustCollectorz monsters.


Artistic Ingenuity: Entrust your senses to the mesmerizing artworks by Deepak R, with graphic designs meticulously orchestrated by Arthur Serra. And, bringing our DustCollectorz monsters to tangible life is the sculpting maestro, Davi Mendes.


Our diverse team is fueled by an unwavering commitment. A pledge to make DustCollectorz a mainstay on your shelves and in your cherished gatherings.


We're more than just a brand—we're a movement. Join us, and let's create magic, one collectible at a time!


With zeal and zest,


The DustCollectorz Team

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